L.o.M.O. Loungewear clothing is available in 3 sizes.  You can think of size 1, 2, & 3 as being like S, M, & L respectively.

The clothing ranges in fit type, from fitted to relaxed to oversize, so please see the product descriptions for more specific information.  Descriptions include measurements for each available size of a garment.  Sizing is somewhat flexible for most styles, since they are made with knitted or stretch fabrics.

The three sizes are standardized to specific body measurements.  If you're undecided on which size to buy based on the product description measurements, this quick guide may help:
🖤 Size 1: [Chest] 34", [Waist] 27", [Hip] 36"
🖤 Size 2: [Chest] 37", [Waist] 30", [Hip] 40"
🖤 Size 3: [Chest] 40", [Waist] 34", [Hip] 43"

The flexible sizing means that many styles can be worn as unisex garments.  However, most styles are designed for a feminine figure unless indicated as specifically unisex.

Not all products are available in all sizes.  Most can be sized up if a size 2 or 3 is not currently available (I just need to grade the pattern for it).  Please send a request through the contact form if you'd like a particular product in a larger size.